Outdoor lighting layouts bring aesthetic value to property

You may know you want to plan your outdoor lighting layout, but where do you start? The neighbor’s house three doors down looks like a scene in a romantic movie at night, but you don’t want to copy exactly what they did. This is why you need an outdoor lighting layout by Moonlight Design Idaho. We are the only outdoor lighting layout specialists in the Lewiston-Clarkston area.

Whether the lighting is for security or ambiance, we will make sure that your lighting is configured in a way that serves its purpose while bringing aesthetic value to the property. We have thousands of examples from which you can choose, and we have virtual viewing stations at our office, so you can see exactly what the layout will look like prior to installation.

Some areas, such as decks and driveways, are typically well-lit or have motion lights to illuminate the area when in use no matter what time in the evening. Areas that require less light to be functional may be on throughout the evening, but leds draw very little power, and the glow will not disturb the neighbors. Solar powered lights are always an option for low light requirements, and they are especially useful when placing lights at a distance from any secure power sources.

I am Elizabeth Phillips, and it is my promise to you that we have your lighting solution. There is not a lighting technology that we do not handle, and we have multiple vendors to ensure your layout is affordable, energy efficient, and modern.

Not only are our layouts easy to follow with clear guidance on purchasing and installation, but we also will digitally send a copy to your email address that can easily be manipulated to fit your needs if you must change out certain lights due to cost or function. The layout is a one-time purchase, but you are always welcome to return to our office for more inspiration or to purchase certain lighting solutions.

Don’t willy nilly slap up lighting fixtures on your home. Plan it right with Moonlight Design Idaho, and let your lighting needs be fulfilled in a way that makes you proud to pull into your driveway.

When you decide its time for a consultation and some lighting design solutions, make sure you contact us here. We will invite you to our office and show you our vast array of lighting solutions and come to your home to get a picture for our virtual model. You are destined for lighting satisfaction with Moonlight Design Idaho!